Bangladesh Sex Traffic

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Image of victims of human traffickingHuman trafficking is an international problem. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) estimates that as many as 1.2 million children are trafficked every year.

According to a UNICEF report, it says that in Bangladesh there is an approximately 400 women and children aged 12 and 16 who are human traffic victims every month.


Why Bangladesh has more Sex Trafficking Victims?


Image showing how poverty prevails in BangladeshAccording to The World Factbook US CIA 2009, Bangladesh stays overpopulated,inefficiently governed nation and poor.  Only 2/3 of Bangladeshis have jobs  in the agriculture division wherein rice is the important area.

Because of the undying poverty the Bangladeshis experience, Bangladesh became the road and way of men, women, and children to be trafficked due to forced labor and  sexual abuse.

Bangladesh’s men trafficking victims are being recruited for work overseas whom employers offer exploitation under forced labor.  Boys and girls are being trafficked sexual abuse.

From Hope to Sex Trafficking

Scene in a BrothelSome children are being sold into by their parents due to poverty. Others are forced into labor or  sexual abuse.

Real stories from real people better explain how hard to be a victim of sex trafficking. They said 10, 000 of women and children are trafficked out each year from Bangladesh which is considered as one of the poorest countries in the world.

Poverty provides sex traffickers an opportunity to convince people who have no alternatives for survival to cling on to their offer.

Some of their misleading offers that lead them to slavery are the following:

  • Work abroad
  • Marriage with someone who promise security
  • Parents selling their children

Image of victims in brothelsSex traffic victims are being promised of having a better life.  But every year, many boys and girls in Bangladesh are distributed to brothels where they have to prostitute themselves with no hope of freedom.  My journey into their life took place where brothels are most crowded  where the approximately everyday, 1 million children are being traded.

Children were padlocked and being transferred to different brothels in different countries. You can see sex trafficking victims in brothels where  women  spent their entire lives being abused and raped. You can also see children age 11-year-old with AIDS and different diseases.

Stories of Real Life

Bangladesh BrothelZarina (whose name has been changed for identity protection was sold to a dance bar owner at the age of 16. Her father was also a victim of human trafficking.

Zarina and her sister were given a promise by a man who convinced them to follow him to Mumbai, India to have jobs with a monthly salary $73 . Instead of having hope for a better future, they were engaged to slavery and sex trafficking.

Same story with Zarina, Sufia grew up in a village near Khulna in the south-west of Bangladesh.  Her parents were farmers and has 7 siblings.“My parents couldn’t afford to look after me,” she said. “We didn’t have enough money for food.”

When Sufia was 14, a female neighbor came to her parents and said she could recommend her as a housemaid in Calcutta. Their neighbor promised that she will live well, she will learn English and she will have a well-fed future. “I was so excited,” Sufia said.  “But as soon as we arrived in Calcutta I knew something was wrong. I didn’t know what a brothel was, but I could see the house she took me to was a bad house, where the women wore small clothes and lots of bad men were coming in and out”, she added.  The neighbor was handed 50,000 Taka which is  around £500 for Sufia, and then she told Sufia what to do and disappeared.

Video of Hope

Here is a video of a woman who was a victim of sex trafficking when she was 13 . This video tells how she accomplished task in gaining support from religious, political ans social groups to create an organization to finally give sex workers basic human rights.

Sex trafficking doesn’t choose the victims. It can be your sister, brother, daughter or son. There are lots of ways how traffickers convince people to believe in better future and earning a lot of money. Some sex workers are not willing to do such job but there are also some sexy hot women who use this job as their stepping stone to a better life. Here is a movie about human and sex trafficking that opened my eyes about this kind of prostitution.

However, not all of the transactions of women with are considered human trafficking especially if sexy women are willing to satisfy your carnal desires. You can be with them not only in brothels but also in adult sites. In just a click, you will have the orgasm that you never imagined.

Human Trafficking (Movie)

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